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Deadline for submissions: Sep 12, 2022
Prints due: Oct 12, 2022
Exhibition: October 27 - November 25, 2022

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Monochrome2022 Installation10
Mitchell Anolik
Monochrome2022 Installation27
Carmen Ballve
Monochrome2022 Installation26
Thierry Camus
Monochrome2022 Installation09
Hilda Champion
Monochrome2022 Installation20
Joe Clarke
Monochrome2022 Installation24
Lee Cott
Monochrome2022 Installation01
Dotty Danforth
Monochrome2022 Installation16
Sam Elkind
Monochrome2022 Installation07
Raphaël Eyraud
Monochrome2022 Installation12
Alice Fall
Monochrome2022 Installation19
Ursula Ferrara
Monochrome2022 Installation02
Peter Freymark
Monochrome2022 Installation22
Anna Försterling
Monochrome2022 Installation21
Thomas Hocker
Monochrome2022 Installation11
Sophie Huysentruyt
Monochrome2022 Installation06
Marjorie Kaufman
Monochrome2022 Installation28
Nadine Levin
Monochrome2022 Installation15
Davin McLaird
Monochrome2022 Installation03
Jason Robert O'Kennedy
Monochrome2022 Installation17
Eric Renard
Monochrome2022 Installation18
Pat Rose
Monochrome2022 Installation05
John Sarsgard
Monochrome2022 Installation04
Robert Schultz
Monochrome2022 Installation25
Alex Silver
Monochrome2022 Installation08
Gregory Smith
Monochrome2022 Installation14
Sarah VanHook
Monochrome2022 Installation29
Robin Weisz
Monochrome2022 Installation13
Mia Campopiano
Monochrome2022 Installation23
Peter Zarkob
Monochrome2022 Installation56
Monochrome2022 Installation57
Monochrome2022 Installation58
Monochrome2022 Installation59
Monochrome2022 Installation60
Monochrome2022 Installation61
Monochrome2022 Installation62
Monochrome2022 Installation63
Monochrome2022 Installation64
Monochrome2022 Installation65
Monochrome2022 Installation66
Monochrome2022 Installation67
Monochrome2022 Installation68

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