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Deadline for submissions: Sep 12, 2022
Prints due: Oct 12, 2022
Exhibition: October 27 - November 25, 2022

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ANO97377 49657 juror
Mitchell Anolik
AUG84826 94087 juror
Cynthia August
Sinking Two
BAL31057 75867 juror
Carmen Ballve
Ashley and Nayeli
CAM95475 16202 juror
Thierry Camus
2 Hands
CHA86656 21054 juror
Hilda Champion
Nights In Manhattan
CLA59232 73033 juror
Joe Clarke
Puddle Man
COT72149 72991 juror
Lee Cott
A Lowell Offering: The Boott Mill, Eastern Canal
DAN52822 00898 juror
Dotty Danforth
Split Beam
ELK10725 37338 juror
Sam Elkind
Ranchos De Taos 4
EYR15967 00863 juror
Raphaël Eyraud
Fisherman in Myanmar
FAL02548 58325 juror
Alice Fall
I Went Back to Sit in the Sun
FER20927 30251 juror
Ursula Ferrara
The Witch Pot. Summer Morning
FOS74627 01939 juror
Penne Fossa
Thunder #3
FRE78842 57744 juror
Peter Freymark
Ancient Stories Under the Stars
FRS86902 61443 juror
Anna Försterling
Body Shape
HOC35523 05244 juror
Thomas Hocker
Steelworker, Ingot Mold
HUY34481 94701 juror
Juror's Award
Sophie Huysentruyt
KAU83626 96515 jurorjpg
Director's Award
Marjorie Kaufman
The Gardien In Repose
LEV27963 66377 juror
Nadine Levin
Sands of Time
MCL49934 15874 juror
Davin McLaird
Palouse Blanket
OKE55255 86743 juror
Jason Robert O'Kennedy
Grey Whiskers Butte
PAU68095 01361 juror
Jay Paul
Lee Monument Removed In Richmond, VA
REN51477 14369 juror
Eric Renard
Mesquite Flats
ROS69414 48061 juror
Pat Rose
Textures of Craspedia
SAR81558 40859 juror
John Sarsgard
Three People In a Taxi, La Habana.
SCH93645 90737 juror
Robert Schultz
Being Seen: Unidentified Union Soldier, ca 1860
SIL19158 22445 juror
Alex Silver
Divine Bliss
SMI03054 64784 juror
Gregory Smith
Web Two
VAN10373 49172 juror
Sarah VanHook
WEI99442 23858 juror
Robin Weisz
Chanel Meets Midtown
WEL44374 04447 juror
Mia Campopiano
Oona with Scovill
ZAR40371 25667 juror
Peter Zarkob

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