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The Color of Light

Deadline for submissions: Jan 23, 2017
Prints due: Feb 24, 2017
Exhibition: March 8 - April 8, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ACH20345_99824 - for website
Debra Achen /
Mixed Vantage, Layers
ARM40589_21911 - for website
Frank Armstrong / Hobson, Montana
CAV14913_92423 - for website
Jane Cave / Washington, DC
CIU24372_50491 - for website
Mary Ciullo / The Journey
DEL55094_18375 - for website
Chelle Delaney / Cactus Hats
DRA80728_82722 - for website
William Drake / Plaid Girls
DYB07633_88193 - for website
Roy DyBuncio / Rainbow
FIS86201_22108 - for website
Louis Fischer / Wind Blown
FOL13517_29734 - for website
Steven Foldes /
Peek - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
GOO41686_25449 - for website
Neil Goodwin /
Storm Lights, Watrous, New Mexico
Michal Greenboim / Rearview Blues
GRI09563_02855 - for website
Konstantin Gribov / Yellow
HAR25137_54252 - for website
Sally Harris / Tillie
HOW76266_02736 - for website
George Howard /
View out of the Lobby Window
JAC31836_20693 - for website
Candice Jacobus / Of a Certain Age
JEO80872_47503 - for website
Diana Nichole Jeon / Skip
Doug Johnson / Projections
KAN24326_51001 - for website
Robert Kantz / Yosemite Reflection 1
LAS15777_20383 - for website
Fedor Lashkov /
Foggy Evening in the Park
LEG19686_94392 - for website
Gaye Leggat / Havana View
LEV82997_75304 - for website
Roger Levesque / Misty Valley
MAS52487_61213 - for website
John Mastenbrook /
Cemetery at Night
During Dio de los Muertos
MAU21328_09528 - for website
Susanne Maude /
Hiding Behind All Yellow
MAZ65334_60721 - for website
Jolanta Mazur /
Geometry of Swimming
MCK61994_08221 - for website
Jean McKenna / Watercolor
Yellow pine
Danit Melman - Shaked / Yellow Pine
space... oddity...
john d moyers / Spheres
Alan Nussbaum / Standing Guard
O'S67556_22054 - for website
Melissa O'Shaughnessy /
Wedding Party, London
PET78496_64217 - for website
John Peterman / Security
RUS96867_00592 - for website
Lawrence Russ /
The Land at the Base of the Wall
SAR92553_50883 - for website
Joshua Sarinana / Between Stations
Susan Saunders / Early Morning Fog
SCO26589_22599 - for website
Wil Scott / TJ's Lunch Counter
SHA72094_53709 - for website
Katie Shaw / Benchwarming Blues
SHE95607_22654 - for website
Fran Sherpa /
In the Garden of Dreams
Lady in red, her shadow and a fire hydrant [Leica M8.2]
Michael Sullivan / Lady in Red
TUR88268_67388 - for website
Lorena Turner / Fever
VAN35903_19977 - for website
Tyler Vance / Strangers in the Rain
Ellen Yampolsky / Illuminate

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