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Deadline for submissions: Dec 17, 2018
Juror: Laura Valenti
Prints due: Jan 24, 2019
Exhibition: February 7 - March 2, 2019

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 68605 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Big Big Love II
ALE78606 48334 juror
Andi Alexander
BEE99614 55505 juror
Gary Beeber
Sanctuary, Sylvester Manor, Shelter Island
BEN18474 60833 juror
Sara Bennett
BLO69219 23404 juror
Xavier Blondeau
Nuit Indienne No. 4
BOR68295 66376 juror
Ketil Born
sanctuary 1
BUL26541 38531 juror
Karen Bullock
Open Doors
DOR47337 37514 juror
Nina Weinberg Doran
Untitled 3
FAN95416 43376 juror
Ning Fan
Element Within
FAN95416 59009 juror
Ning Fan
Mutual Protection
FAU69622 90046 juror
Jan Fašungová
The Forest. Her Forest.
HOD36585 86786 juror2
Brian Hodges
Ubud, Bali
HOD36585 96417 juror
Brian Hodges
Gulu, Uganda
HOL05398 55109 juror
Janet Holmes
Penelope's Place (Why Would Anyone Rescue a Chicken?)
HOL05398 70651 juror
Janet Holmes
On the Road with Chicken Little (Why Would Anyone Rescue a Chicken?)
HOL32666 81779 juror
Karen Holmes
Adela's Window
HOL32666 87512 juror
Karen Holmes
Karen's Window
HON06228 74595 juror
Michael Honnegar
The Red Shoe
KAT97995 51016 juror
Rick Kattelmann
Gompa in Sichuan
KEF12293 22572 juror
Teo Kefalopoulos
sanctuary of St. Nicholas
KEF12293 55207 juror
Teo Kefalopoulos
LAD53236 00475 juror
Thomas Ladd
Sheep Pasture Garden, North Easton, MA
LIL32701 46082 juror
Petra Liljestrand
NIG06261 12698 juror
Megan Niger
PAL88771 19824 juror
Rik Palm
RID33756 91266 juror
Kristianne Koch Riddle
Let if Flow
RUS95022 35221 juror
Richard Anthony Russo
Forest Sanctuary
SIM36601 79956 juror
Katalina Simon
WAT69182 16351 juror
Charlotte Watts
In The Days of Frost, Seek A Minor Sun

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