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Portrait: Self and Others

Deadline for submissions: Nov 14, 2022
Prints due: Dec 15, 2022
Exhibition: December 29, 2022 - January 20, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Portrait2023 Installation08
Deb Achak
Portrait2023 Installation20
Fran Ages
Portrait2023 Installation13
Hannah Altman
Portrait2023 Installation09
Elizabeth Bailey
Portrait2023 Installation05
Magdalena Barry
Portrait2023 Installation10
Bill Bayer
Portrait2023 Installation21
Bonnie Blake
Portrait2023 Installation28
Donald Black Jr
Portrait2023 Installation07
Emily Buckley
Portrait2023 Installation26
Vicente Cayuela
Portrait2023 Installation11
Jaina Cipriano
Portrait2023 Installation30
Ioana Cobzaru
Portrait2023 Installation16
Karen Constine
Portrait2023 Installation29
Ricky Day
Portrait2023 Installation04
Ricky Day
Portrait2023 Installation18
Gene Dominique
Portrait2023 Installation02
Dora Duan
Portrait2023 Installation33
James Gibson
Portrait2023 Installation31
Hannah Latham
Portrait2023 Installation14
Tracy Longley-Cook
Portrait2023 Installation03
Amanda Lopez
Portrait2023 Installation23
Roman Mart
Portrait2023 Installation25
Tingting Ma
Portrait2023 Installation17
Patricia McElroy
Portrait2023 Installation06
Anne McNevin
Portrait2023 Installation32
Julie Mihaly
Portrait2023 Installation24
Samuel Moulin
George Phillips
Portrait2023 Installation12
Victor Ramos
Portrait2023 Installation01
Tracey Richvalsky
Portrait2023 Installation34
Karin Rosenthal
Portrait2023 Installation19
Robert Schultz
Portrait2023 Installation15
Ruth Steinberg
Portrait2023 Installation35
Lacey Terrell
Portrait2023 Installation22
Terry Wild
Portrait2023 Installation36
Portrait2023 Installation37
Portrait2023 Installation38
Portrait2023 Installation39
Portrait2023 Installation40
Portrait2023 Installation41
Portrait2023 Installation42
Portrait2023 Installation43
Portrait2023 Installation44
Portrait2023 Installation45
Portrait2023 Installation46
Portrait2023 Installation47
Portrait2023 Installation48
Portrait2023 Installation49
Portrait2023 Installation51

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