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Portals: Windows, Mirrors and Doors

Deadline for submissions: Dec 12, 2022
Juror: Laura Moya
Prints due: Jan 12, 2023
Exhibition: January 26 - February 24, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 16812 for web
Geoffrey Agrons
The Northern Entrance
ALL10663 49597 for web
Eliot Allen
AMM82136 93031 for web
Claudia Ammirata
La Serenissima
APE77703 98252 for web
Marc Apers
Lost in Thought
AXE61709 94154 for web
Nancy Axelrod
BAI47617 74182 for web
Jim Bailey
BAN06537 04371 for web
Sudeshna Banks
BAR59865 58636 for web
Terry Barczak
BAU05963 65376 for web
Chapman Bauerlein
BEC85013 98758 for web
Jeffery Becton
Bakers Bed
BLO04157 44643 for web
Peggy Bloomer
Shoreline East to 42nd Street
BOD82754 36689 for web
Dezso Bodis
Passage Domus
BON02281 16352 for web
Madelyn Carr Bonnett
Mezmerizing Moon
BRO65216 66283 for web
Kate Brogdon
Gleaming Hotel Sign
CAR49301 52206 for web
Tom Carmichael
Idyllic Reflection
CHA90955 24318 for web
Jo Ann Chaus
CON40766 44654 for web
Brendan Connelly
COO92602 81888 for web
David Cook
Which Door?
CUL48405 58533 for web
David Culton
Bowing at the Door to Nowhere (San Francisco)
DEC24063 79693 for web
Kirk Decker
FEL62946 93622 for web
Cecelia Feld
Richard Serra and Little Girl
FIS86162 54407 for web
Kathleen Fischer
Gateway to the Ancients
GLA80667 72206 for web
Malcolm Glass
Dream Portal
GOO37775 76718 for web
Ellen Goodman
LIC10909 89706 for web
Susan Licht
Star Trek
LUK24163 00209 for web
Krysia Lukkason
MAC18243 85849 for web
Nancy Mack
A Greek Entryway
MAN07427 95413 for web
Lawrence Manning
MEC70276 86139 for web
Fran Meckler
MON56318 04098 for web
Emmanuel Monzon
A Round Trip
MOR63605 47456 for web
Page Morahan
Surprise Beyond a Unique Doorway
MYE71685 64155 for web
Wendy Myers
Home Alone
NEL84948 50757 for web
Loren Nelson
Invitation; Arcadia Beach, Oregon
NIC07167 71314 for web
Caroline Nicola
New Beginnings
NID46203 78909 for web
Florian Nidecker
Winter Wonderland
REN51477 40726 for web
Eric Renard
The Silk Exchange
RUD01169 35508 for web
Carley Rudd
Fez Medina
SCH55288 42055 for web
Wright Schickli
THO84811 43448 for web
Michael W Thomas
Pretty Please?
WIL32674 68324 for web
Terry Wild
Los Angeles,CA- Alleyway 1968

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