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In Celebration of Trees

Deadline for submissions: May 10, 2021
Prints due: Jun 10, 2021
Exhibition: June 25 - July 16, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGE21512 91947 juror
Warren Agee
What Is There Beyond Knowing
AND69053 48014 juror
Robert Anderson
Aspen Forest
APE77703 20707 juror
Marc Apers
The Lonely Cyclist
AVA13741 17518 juror
Bob Avakian
Morning Glory Tree
BAC19093 40084 juror
Stella Bach
BAL55358 86086 juror
Judy Bales
Late Winter
BEA84395 02814 juror
Kay Beausoleil
A Break in the Storm
BOR56011 95224 juror
Diana Borden
At the Top of the Draw
CAM15072 14562 juror
James Campbell
2 Trees
CAR71525 94103 juror
Kate Carpenter
Dead Wood Habitat
COO94299 15371 juror
James Cooper
Tree #2
COX48372 76105 juror
Karen Cox
DAW46217 67018 juror
Deb Dawson
May Snow
FIE26277 02183 juror
Jo Fields
Dust to Dust
GER89012 25171 juror
Kathleen Gerber
In the Middle of the Forest
HOS73259 05342 juror
Richard Hosack
Fort Tejon Pass
HUB48128 34183 juror
Jackie Hubbard
Painting Autumn
HUB48128 53333 juror
Jackie Hubbard
JON44133 36126 juror
Morrow Jones
Cherry Hung with Snow
KEL12189 40748 juror
Max Kellenberger
Two Trees
KIN64873 24511 juror
Michael King
Benfield Reimagined
KLE39072 89718 juror
Christine Klenovec
Running Beside Trees
LAN14688 08322 juror
Lori Lankford
LEW40035 94426 juror
Teresa Lewis
The Pines
LIN37267 86335 juror
Penny Linn
Spring Snow
MAN07427 28409 juror
Lawrence Manning
Something Missing
MAT23838 06313 juror
Cynthia Matthews
Winter Haiku
PEA90934 65211 juror
James Peaslee
Tree Mist, 2014
PLU99932 32914 juror
Linda Plunkett
A Gathering Stillness #4
POS89742 03968 juror
R. Lee Post
Apple Mandala Return
POS89742 81689 juror
R. Lee Post
Foggy Phantoms, Bhutan
SIL96986 18784 juror
Richard Silver
Camel Thorn Tree #2
SMI73445 38489 juror
Chad Smith
Tree, (Three Panels), Lake Grapevine, Texas
SOC02168 09513 juror
Graciela Socorro
Embracing Change 02
TRE75054 75551 juror
Ken Trevor
One Tree Hill
VAN07425 79421 juror
Debra Van Swearingen
The Evening Watchman
YEX21188 64374 juror
Libby Ye
ZUR50912 90086 juror
Frank Zurey

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