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Deadline for submissions: Dec 12, 2016
Juror: Sam Abell
Prints due: Jan 20, 2017
Exhibition: February 1 - March 3, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391_06125- website
Geoffrey Agrons / Synedoche
AGR01391_34009- website
Geoffrey Agrons / Woman with a Book
ALL10063_08808- website
Danny Allegretti / Untitled
AND13245_42606- website
Yvette Meltzer / A Vast Stage
A Long Days Night
Bob Avakian / A Long Day's Night
BAN79578_11414- website
Brenda Bancel / Moni in the Ganges, Varanasi
BER34816_34218- website
David Bernstein / Empire State Building with Figures >
BOY89064_94288- website
Michel Boyer / Which Way?
CHE49583_20602- website
Laurence Chellali /
At the Swimming Pool
CHE49583_65632- website
Laurence Chellali /
City of the Future
CON83304_15449- website
Anne Connor / Whoa
DOD35143_38735- website
Bill Dodge / Portrait of Aline
GAL30699_57399- website
Patricia Galagan /
Cuban Relojero
Marcia L Getto / Overwhelmed
GON74828_18139- website
Orestes Gonzalez / Ice Box
GON74828_91449- website
Orestes Gonzalez / Pedestrians, NYC
HER54205_16023- website
Robert Herman / The Apple Store, NYC
HEW22612_77312- website
Robert Hewgley /
Gutter Study 1
HOB35863_57817- website
Mark Hobson /
Night Swim
JOY44454_14414- website
Pamela Joye /
Mirror Fountain 1 - Water Sprays
KOS77856_54929- website
Brian Kosoff / Chain Link Fence
LAN18951_88307- website
The Land Sisters / Former Salaryman
Tea House
Nancy Lehrer / Tea House
LEN64194_19674- website
Kurt Lengfield /
Last Day of Hunting Season
MAC13064_82075- website
John MacKenzie / Milan Steps
Saddle Shop Talk
Brian Magnuson /
Saddle Shop Talk
MCC84884_33324- website
Elizabeth McCue / This I Know
NEL43279_57912- website
Libby Nelson /
Prayer: Piswa, Mount Elgon, Uganda
NOB82985_29061- website
George Nobechi /
The D.T. Suzuki Museum, Kanazawa
RIC68683_19522- website
James Richardson /
Tidal Magic, Ruby Beach, WA
ROB14912_34228- website
Heather Robinson / Tsetse Fly
ROB30793_65124- website
Matt Roberts / Red Leash
ROS25326_04426- website
Katie Rosebraugh / Jordan
RUB44419_53396- website
Michael Rubin /
Sea Glass Collectors, Davenport
SAV37157_52804- website
Charlotte Savidge / Dancing on the Boardwalk, Coney Island
SIM10207_52804- website
Larry Simon /
Kitchen Door
SOA54566_19452- website
Kyra Soard / Parenthood
STE15718_16359- website
Pamela Steege / The Waiting Game
STE35616_31909- website
Oliver Stegmann /
Keep on Watching
STE35616_77112- website
Oliver Stegmann /
Candomble Dance

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