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Capturing the Light

Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2023
Juror: Ann Jastrab
Prints due: Jun 29, 2023
Exhibition: July 14 - August 11, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BOU28498 98191 web
Jonathan Bourla
Northhead Tunnel
BRO65216 67365 web
Kate Brogdon
Downstairs In My Father's House
BUR47692 26437 web
Tracy Burke
Before the Storm
BUT79747 33154 web
Ronald Butler
CAM95475 77637 web
Thierry Camus
Archi Fiction 17
CHA07801 46505 web
Alice Chapman
Glitter Pride
CRD51607 12756 web
Norma Córdova
The Eye The Mirror
DON58128 11597 web
Judith Donath
Auto Parts Sundown (Before the Wrecking Ball)
ELY28064 47508 web
Allyson Ely
Ladder, 2022
ERD48848 36455 web
Lisa Erdberg
Sheltering in Place 2
ESP92516 48388 web
Davide Esposito
Archetype One
EVA80943 63787 web
Anne Evans
Street Patterns
FRI28178 97583 web
Bree Friesen
Night Fever
FRI74102 93534 web
Dennis Fritsche
Joshua Trees and Red Sunset
GUT56496 48705 web
Aubrey Guthrie
Adobe Abstract
HAR02248 68647 web
Kylo-Patrick Hart
HER51651 04817 web
Elaine Heron
Keeping Warm in the Gobi Desert
ISB68469 07397 web
Medina Isbell
Cerrillos Sunset
JAC92776 94598 web
Steve Jacobson
Open Road
KAY99245 94068 web
Elizabeth Kayl
KIR30721 39497 web
Tom Kirkendall
Beach 4
LEP43054 39652 web
Francesco Lepre
Greek Window
LIC24826 80734 web
Alain Licari
Mom's Pot
LOB04043 47166 web
Jurgen Lobert
Sodium Meets Mercury
MAC18243 25956 web
Nancy Mack
Life Shadows
MAC58758 63912 web
Danielle MacInnes
In the Shadows
MAT76559 37166 web
Morgane Mathews
Shadow Play, Miami
MOU11209 51678 web
Samuel Moulin
NES03437 03613 web
Fern L. Nesson
Quality of Light 5
OSH94289 36925 web
Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Backlit Hepatica
PES40287 62106 web
Seth W Pesek
Sunset Over Orlando
RUS96867 14499 web
Lawrence Russ
Night Life
SCH05975 79753 web
Tom Schifanella
Vågsøy Norway
SCH65605 87452 web
Jean Schnell
Valentine's Day, Perforations Series
TER63451 25892 web
Michael Teresko
TUR24089 64862 web
Jacqui Turner
Gone Astray
VAN03137 91775 web
MG Vander Elst
VIL68563 71792 web
Connie Villa
Morning Fog
WES88456 14179 web
Ryland West
Knik Glacier #3
YEE00106 16351 web
Nathaniel Yee

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