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Christina Z. Anderson

Christina Z. Anderson’s work focuses on the family snapshot, gender identity, the altered landscape, and the contemporary vanitas. Her prints are handmade in a variety of 19th century photographic processes, primarily gum and casein bichromate, salted paper, cyanotype over platinum, and mordançage.

Anderson’s work has shown internationally in 100+ shows and 40+ publications. Her passion is to share the knowledge and practice of the contemporary handmade print through her publications as well as workshops throughout the United States and overseas. Anderson has authored books which have sold in 40 countries—The Experimental Photography Workbook, Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes, Gum Printing, A Step by Step Manual Highlighting Artists and Their Creative Practice, and Handcrafted: The Art and Practice of the Handmade Print (the latter co-authored with Wang, Jianming, King).  Anderson is Associate Professor of Photography at Montana State University, where she teaches experimental black & white and alternative process photography, as well as text & image design. She has her MFA in Photography from Clemson University, a BFA in painting and a BA in photography from Montana State University, and a BA in French from the University of Minnesota.

See her website here.