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Submitting Your Images

It’s easy to apply and submit images to a PhotoPlace Gallery exhibit. The first time you submit, you’ll need to create an account, which includes creating a user ID and password. Upon your return, just log in with your email address, click on the exhibit you want to submit to, and drag and drop your image files.

When you create your account, we strongly suggest you provide in your profile your social media IDs, and your website URL, if you have one. We will use them to promote your work if it is selected by the juror.

The juror will select two different sets of images. All images selected for the Exhibition Gallery will hang in our physical gallery in Middlebury, Vermont for the duration of the exhibit, while those selected for the Online Gallery will be viewable in the gallery by continuous-loop projection. All images from both galleries will remain permanently on our website, be reproduced in the exhibit catalog, and be actively promoted on social media. 

All photographers submitting work will be notified of juror selections about 14 days after the close of the exhibit to submissions. At that time, all selected images will be displayed on our website under Exhibition Gallery or Online Gallery (see details . Please be sure to add [email protected] to your contacts, to be sure your notification email is delivered.


The non-refundable submission fee is $39 for up to 5 digital images, and $6 for each additional image. There is no limit to the number of images you may enter. You can add images to your submission for an exhibit at any time until it closes, but you cannot change or remove images once they're submitted.

By submitting images, you agree that:

  • The images are your own work. We recognize the legitimate use of work by others incorporated into your image, but the final image must be essentially your own. 
  • You own all rights to the images.
  • You take full responsibility for the content of all images, including the likeness of recognizable individuals.

Photographs accepted for other PhotoPlace exhibitions are not eligible for re-submission to PhotoPlace for three years from the opening date of the exhibition for that exhibition. Please do not submit any images that do not meet that criterion.

Create account or log in to submit images.

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Image files

We accept only digital files, with the following recommended specs:

  • When resizing images for submission, be sure to rename the file before saving it! Otherwise, you will overwrite the original high-resolution file and lose its resolution forever.
  • JPG/JPEG files only for submission
  • Image should be approximately 2100 pixels (7 inches) on the longest side
  • 300 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution
  • We suggest a compression setting of 7 or 8 when saving in Photoshop or Elements.  sRGB color space is recommended, whether black and white or color.
  • Maximum file size is 5MB in the JPG’s closed and compressed state — that is, when it is not open in any application. JPGs that are open in an application such as Photoshop or Lightroom will be much larger. It’s the closed size that matters.

Our jury process

We use a “blind” jury process; to ensure impartiality; your identity is concealed from the juror. To do this, your image file is renamed, eliminating the information in your image file name. We can easily identify the images that belong to you, but the juror cannot. Therefore, the file name you give your images is unimportant. The title you provide when you upload each image is important for our use one of your images be selected by the juror.

Your images will be viewed by the juror sequentially, in the order in which you uploaded them. They will always be considered as individual images. Diptychs and triptychs should be assembled and uploaded as a single image.

Uploading your images

You’ll find files easy to upload within our submission system. Upload problems are almost always traced to significantly out-of-date software or oversized images. Correctly sized images generally run between 150K and 3MB when the file is closed (not open in an application). Maximum file size for submissions is 5MB.

If you have questions about specs or have trouble sizing correctly, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email. We’ll respond quickly, and we're glad to help!

Create account or log in to submit images.

Artists’ rights

You retain all rights to your work. Our mission is to promote photographers and photography in general; we will never exploit your work or use it without your permission. Should your work be accepted by the juror, you grant PhotoPlace Gallery the specific right to reproduce your image in the exhibition catalog, on the PhotoPlace Gallery website*, on social media, and, where appropriate, to help promote other PhotoPlace Gallery exhibitions. We will always credit you and your copyright wherever feasible. We will use your image for no other purpose whatsoever without your specific permission. 

We may also use your juror-accepted images as thumbnails or banner-style images for exhibits on our website, in addition to the "Exhibition" and "Online" galleries. If we do, we often must crop images to suit the allotted space/proportions. You may opt out of that use if you'd like.

Notification of juror selections

Everyone who submits images will be notified by email of the juror’s selections. Selected images will also be posted at the same time on the exhibit’s web page. Notification is usually about 14 days after the exhibition closes for submissions.

International Submissions

We encourage submissions from photographers anywhere in the world because we believe that work from abroad enhances our exhibits, and benefits international photographers with exposure in the U.S.

Our goal is to help you avoid the very high costs of international shipping. If your work is selected for exhibition, our free matting and framing services, available to anyone selected for the Exhibition Gallery, will make exhibiting your work easy and inexpensive. We can also print your images at a very reasonable cost, saving you the money and time involved in international shipping. Of course, you are also welcome to ship a print, matted print, or framed print as well. The choice is yours.

Please note: we are unable to return work outside the U.S. and Canada. Having us print, mat, and frame your work is by far the lowest-cost way to participate in PhotoPlace juried exhibitions.